The best DishesFROM COLOMBIA

La Pequeña Colombia

Enjoy the best Colombian & Spanish Food at La Pequeña Colombia Restaurant… It’s “Little Colombia” in Queens, NY.

For more than 30 years, regulars have been coming for their favorite Colombian & Spanish foods like our famous Plato Montañero, Chorizo, Arepas, and we can’t forget the Entraña (skirt-steak) : an unanimous mustorder.

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Colombian & Spanish Food

Serving up terrific, authentic Colombian and Spanish cuisine and ambiance since 1984. La Pequeña Colombia is the oldest Colombian restaurant in New York

At La Pequeña Colombia, great Colombian & Spanish Dining is just the beginning. Our fantastic service, prices and wonderful people you’ll meet will result in a dining experience that you will never forget!


In South American culture, sharing a meal with family and friends is a paramount importance. It is a time when everyone can get together and share food and drink, stories, and good times.

La Pequeña Colombia is proud to be able to cater for large groups in our dining room. We can accommodate groups as large as 100.

Next time you are ready to celebrate, remind your friends La Pequeña Colombia! Great food and great service with a smile !!!